Pain IQ

Workflow Example

Workflow Optimization

Wyllness captured and analyzed data will fill in the workflow gaps, and create continuity with the chronic pain care process. The data will be securely stored and mobilized between different parts of health systems to overcome any fragmentation in the care process.

Patient engagement

The platform is designed to help Chronic pain patients to actively set goals for themselves in the process of managing their pain. This will help patients to be actively involved in the process to deal with their Chronic pain and will help them to improve faster.


Wyllness will be using advanced innovative technology to analyze captured data through patient inputs and biosensors in real-time to produce and prepare individualized data about each user, this will enable physicians to prepare personalized recommendations and treatment plans for their patients. This will also help build a system to detect factors impacting patient`s chronic pain care.
The analyzed data will also aide in a long term strategy for optimization and future control parameters.