For patients living with chronic pain looking for support and motivation on their care and better connectivity with their providers that provide patient's health readings.


For providers looking to better manage their daily workflow and chronic pain patient populations through continuous and real-time connectivity and access to analytics reports.

Workflow Optimization

Wyllness`s software solution captures and analyzes data, to fill in the workflow gaps and creates continuity with the chronic pain care process. The data is securely stored and made available to different parts of health systems to overcome any fragmentation in the care process.

Patient Engagement

The platform enables chronic pain patients to be actively engaged and set goals for themselves in the process of managing their own chronic pain. The captured data is securely mobile between different points of the care process and easily accessible.


Wyllness will use specialized technology to analyze captured data through patient inputs and biosensors in real-time to produce and prepare individualized data about each patient. This helps physicians to prepare personalized recommendations and treatment plans for patients.

The captured data will be analyzed and processed to aide in the long term prevention of factors compromising the care process.